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Handmade 'Your Tribe' With Earrings Or Necklace


Handmade gift boxed sterling silver jewellery with quote- with our dreamcatcher necklace or sun and planet earrings

Our new range of handmade gift quote jewellery.This edition features a beautiful selection of handmade silver jewellery on a handmade presentation card with a quote.All made in our sunny Dorset workshop.

We believe that beautiful jewellery can also be meaningful. A simple, subtle message can tell a story, pass on good wishes, bring back memories or be a little secret just between the two of you.

We have more than ten different designs of star earrings or necklaces for you to choose from. So, be creative and we will do the rest.

If you would like to have your own quote printed onto the card, we can do that too! just contact us!

Sterling silver

Earrings: 0.7*0.7cm

Necklace: 45cm