The Art of Giving

No matter how far you look back gift giving has been a cornerstone for human connection.

Ever since the cave days we’ve gifted for much the same reasons as we give today – to share a moment of compassion, and to show our loved ones that we care and appreciate them for just being them. For millennia gifts have been bestowed to express emotion, gratitude and to strengthen relationships. They are symbolic of both the giver and the receiver, of the memories we have together and all the crazy things we’ve done. They let our friends know that we noticed them staring at those gorgeous earrings, and that more than simply marking the occasion, we truly, deeply care for them.

So, with no further ado, how to give the perfect gift.



Notice them

In the weeks running up to the special occasion, watch your person closely for any inspiration. Everyone drops little clues about what they would like every single day and it’s the perfect excuse to spend quality time with them.

Our ‘Peace of Mind’ friendship bracelet, perfect for reminding your special person to take some ‘me time’


Make it theirs

Any personalised touch says that you went out of your way not only to find the perfect piece but to mark it especially for them. It adds a level of exclusivity to your gift and lets them know that they’re unique and special and forever will be.

Say they’re rare and beautiful with this gorgeous pearl necklace with initial


Draw on a memory

Pick a piece that reminds you of a time you shared together, of somewhere you went or a special moment. Whenever they see your gift they will be reminded of those happy memories.

This compass necklace will remind them that wherever they are, you’ll be right there with them, always.


Give them the stars

Mystical and magical, we adore celestial gifts. This aesthetic is hugely popular now with Apollo’s 50th anniversary, and what better way to tell them you care than to say ‘you’re my whole universe’.

Moon and star huggie hoops, celestial beauty with a fierce edginess

Light up their life

Treat them to that little bit of decadence they would never allow themselves. Luxurious spa day? Done. Day trip to the south of France? Say no more. Or how about just a little extra sparkle…

These three crsytal hoops embody that sparkly personality you so adore!


Happy gifting!

With love from the team at NuNu x


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