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‘5 Reasons Why I Love You’ Hearts Bracelet

5 reasons why I love you hearts bracelet

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The detail

Silver five hearts charm bracelet with a personalised message

Tell someone special five reasons why you love them. This gift allows for a touch of personalisation, with the option to change the five words on the backing card. The bracelet itself is five perfect little heart charms on a delicate chain, all made from 925 Sterling Silver.

How to look after your silver jewellery:

These few simple steps will ensure your silver jewellery sparkles as brilliantly as the day you received it.

Remove your jewellery for swimming, invigorating workouts and before bed to prevent damage from harsh chemicals and wear and tear. If your jewellery gets wet dry immediately with a clean cloth.

Use a cloth (t-shirt material works well) and spend a few minutes wiping down your jewellery at the end of every day to remove any dirt or oils.