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Rock Paper Scissors Necklace

High Five, Peace, Respect Necklace
High Five, Peace, Respect NecklaceHigh Five, Peace, Respect Necklaceoriginal_sterling-silver-rock-paper-scissors-necklace

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Hand gesture necklace in silver or 18k gold plated

A rock paper scissors necklace made in sterling silver or 18k gold plated sterling silver, that gives you all the elements of the strategy game into one really cute necklace with the rock paper scissors hand gestures!

An interesting and edgy piece of jewellery, wear it to bring fun to a normal day, or wear it for a special occasion, it will certainly catch everyone’s eye.

This necklace also makes a quirky gift, for Christmas, for birthdays, for Valentine’s Day, or just a little gift to yourself.

This necklace is supplied in a branded jewellery box.

Ideal for your hip best friend.

The pendant on this necklace measures approximately 1.5 cm (0.59″) wide and 0.55 cm (0.21″) high

The chain measure approximately 0.4 cm (0.35″)

How to look after your silver jewellery:

These few simple steps will ensure your silver jewellery sparkles as brilliantly as the day you received it.

Before putting on your jewellery, make sure that any oils or lotions are fully absorbed into the skin as these can dull the shine over time. Apply all hair products (especially hairspray) prior to wear.

Remove your jewellery for swimming, invigorating workouts and before bed to prevent damage from harsh chemicals and wear and tear. If your jewellery gets wet dry immediately with a clean cloth.

When cleaning your silver jewellery, only use a cloth (t-shirt fabric will suffice) and never tissues or paper towels. These products can scratch the jewellery, taking away its natural shine and lustre. Spend a few minutes wiping down your jewellery at the end of every day to remove any dirt or oils. 

Store in an airtight container when not in use to prevent the silver from tarnishing. Taking the time to keep your silver jewellery clean after wearing it and storing it away from light and air is all that is needed to cut down on tarnish significantly.

If tarnish does occur, polish with a dedicated silver polish and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.