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We absolutely love the look of layering necklaces. Why pass up this perfect excuse to wear your favourite pieces all at once? It can turn an outfit from drab to dazzling and tell a story about who you are and what you love. Here at NuNu we’ve put together some of our favourites to show you how you can stack and layer necklaces to define your look.


The ‘Iconic’ Look

gold stone paved lightning bolt necklacegold mini star necklacegold smiley necklace

Icons are everywhere in our modern lives. Use these three, layered at different lengths to communicate your fierce nature, your shining personality and your happy center. They have the perfect mix of texture, sparkle and smooth shine to make a really interesting and eye-catching combination. The different weights of the necklaces is also key – the delicacy of the mini star will balance beautifully with the bigger smiley necklace, the lightning bolt holding its own with that dash of sparkle. Mix and match the silver variants for a two tone look if that’s more your style.


Free Spirit

gold Bird ChokerGold Dagger Charm Necklacegold Paved Initial Necklace

Share your rebellious side with this edgy combination. The imagery in this set is perfectly balanced, with the dove representing peace and freedom and the dagger the willingness to fight for your ideals. Complete with the crystal paved initial to put your mark on this look and claim it as your own whilst also bringing that extra sparkly element. Let the satellite chain of the dagger necklace bring interest to your look and mix up those textures. The necklaces stack perfectly at different lengths, the bird starting the lineup with a short choker-style chain and the others between 40 and 45cm.


Tropical Holiday

Silver and Gold Two Tone Shark Tooth Necklacesterling silver Disc necklaceGold plated Silver Tropical Shell Necklace

We’ve all know those holiday classics – puka shells, shark tooth necklaces and leather bracelets – but it’s time to class up those bargain buys. Bring the style with these sterling silver and gold pieces, mixed tones and finishes to embody the holiday looks. The silver of the disk really helps to amplify the same in the shark tooth whilst its themes are gently balanced by the tropical shell. We also love the simplicity of the disk between the complex shapes of the others – it calms the overall look and reminds us of still, quiet oceans and a moonlit beach.


Remember – have no fear!

Mix and match as you see fit and try anything new! You never know what will wok and what won’t until you try it. Try mixing materials as well as colours and textures – trow in a velvet or ribbon choker, a bright glass pendant or a leather cord necklace for even more fantastic combinations.

With love from us here at NuNu xx