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Set Of Two Crystal Ear Cuffs
  • £12.00


Single Sterling Silver Band Ear Cuff
  • £8.00


Sterling Silver Fine Line Ear Cuff
  • £10.00


Sterling Silver Single Star Ear Cuff
  • £12.00


Sterling Silver Feather Ear Cuff
  • £11.00

ear cuff

Sterling Silver Multi Lines Ear Cuff
  • £16.00

Sterling silver constellation ear cuff
  • £12.00

Textured Ear Cuff
  • £18.00

Sterling silver three row ear cuff
  • £17.00

Sterling Silver Snake Shape Cuff Earring
  • £15.00


Sterling Silver Open Circles Ear Cuff
  • £12.00


Ear Cuffs are a great way to accessory your ear without having a piercing. Simply place the cuff in position then gentle squeeze to secure. Cuff earrings are perfect for styling a stacked ear look.

Most of our ear cuffs are single earrings (unless otherwise stated)