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Pink Stone And Pearls Necklace
  • £27.00


Sterling Silver Pearl Necklace With A Golden Bead
  • £35.00


Sterling Silver Multi Strand Freshwater Pearls Necklace
  • £60.00


Heart Pendant With Birthstone Necklace For Mum
  • From £28.00


Personalised Sterling Silver Family Initials Necklace
  • From £28.00


Three Generation Raw Birthstone Necklace
  • From £49.00

Sterling Silver Saint Christopher Necklace
  • From £21.00

Semi Precious Stone Birthstone Sterling Silver Necklace
  • From £23.00

Sterling Silver Envelope Pendant Necklace
  • From £40.00

Sterling Silver Birthflower Necklace
  • From £28.00

Sterling Silver Worry Stone Necklace
  • £42.00


Sterling Silver Girl Power Necklace
  • £45.00
  • £36.00

Sterling Silver Hammered Heart Pendant Initial Necklace
  • From £26.00

Sterling Silver Wreath Initial Birthstone Necklace
  • From £25.00

Sterling Silver Mother And Daughter Portrait Necklace
  • £35.00

Sterling Silver Granddaughter Forever Heart Necklace
  • £25.00

Sterling Silver Granddaughter Happiness Necklace
  • From £25.00

Sterling Silver Five Hearts Necklace For 50th Birthday
  • From £35.00

Love Choker Necklace
  • £30.00

Sterling Silver OT Bar Linked Necklace
  • £35.00

Gold Textured Teardrop Pendant with TO Clasp
  • £35.00

Chunky Interlocking Circle Necklace
  • £60.00


Oval Cross Pendant Necklace
  • £28.00

Sterling Silver Statement Circle Necklace Or Bracelet
  • From £45.00

Why are handmade necklaces in more demand compared to the other types of necklaces? The main reasons are the time, effort and skills of the jeweller. It’s impossible to produce handmade necklaces in quantity in minimum time for profits only. We even can’t churn it out with the bucket load to satisfy the market demands. And these necklaces are not at all cynical, corporate or soulless.

Handmade jewellery consists of a soul that comes from the skill, commitment and creativity of the craftsperson who makes it with a calm mind. Handmade jewellery always shines differently compared to machine-made jewellery. You will easily come to know the difference when you touch handmade jewellery. It speaks that it was made by hand, by a talented craft person and with a real love for their work.

If you are searching for a beautiful piece of handmade necklace online, you are at the perfect place. NuNu Jewellery is one of the most reputed and trusted online handmade jewellery sellers. Choose from the wide collection available here. Secure payment options and on-time delivery make us the most popular online jewellery shop in the UK.