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Handmade Single Mix Match Earrings Stud
  • £6.00


Sterling Silver Handmade Feather Ring
  • £19.00


Sterling Silver Birthstone Sliding Bracelet
  • From £28.00


Sterling Silver Envelope Pendant Necklace
  • From £40.00

Sterling Silver Birthstone With Floral Initial Necklace
  • £35.00

Smiley Face Bangle
  • £65.00

Silver Oval Pendant with Gold Icon
  • £35.00

Sold out

Beaded Elasticated Sphere bracelet
  • £28.00


Heart Pendant With Birthstone Necklace For Mum
  • From £28.00


Sterling Silver Daughter Necklace
  • From £55.00


Sterling Silver Floral Wreath Initial Necklace
  • From £28.00


Personalised Sterling Silver Family Initials Necklace
  • From £28.00


Personalised Handmade Sterling Silver Bangle
  • £62.00


Three Generation Raw Birthstone Necklace
  • From £49.00

Sterling Silver Family Tree Heart Charm Necklace with Birthstone
  • £38.00

Sterling Silver Handmade Birth Year Bracelet
  • £40.00

Sterling Silver Tiny Spheres Initial Circle Bracelet
  • £35.00

Handmade Birthstone Bracelet
  • £35.00

Handmade Family Birthstone Bracelet
  • From £40.00

Sterling Silver Family Initial Star Bracelet
  • From £35.00

Sterling Silver Mother And Baby Portrait Necklace
  • From £42.00


Sterling Silver Girl Power Necklace
  • £45.00
  • £36.00

Sterling Silver Mystic Symbol Pendant Necklace
  • £28.00

Sterling Silver Moon Flower Initial Necklace
  • £42.00

NuNu Jewellery's Handmade Collection is a limited edition collection of jewellery. Produced in a small batch, this collection provides gorgeous and usual jewellery pieces. Handmade jewellery takes time, effort and skills of the jeweller. It’s impossible to produce handmade jewellery is vast quantities. Handmade jewellery speaks that the talent of hand crafting by the  person and the real love for their work. All of these pieces are sterling silver, gold plated or rose gold plated sterling silver. NuNu Jewellery is one of the most reputed and trusted online jewellery sellers. Secure payment options and on-time delivery make us the most popular online jewellery shop in the UK.